7 Looks in P&M- Lacey Affair

#7LooksinP&M As we always say last but not the least , this quote is so apt for this outfit ..   The perfect crop top choli with a dramatic skirt look . Couldn’t ask for a better ensemble to invite weekend and end the week with a bang!!!  By now you know that pastel colors […]

7 Looks in P&M- Pastel Pearl

#7LooksinP&M I have to admit i love lehengas more than any outfit .My favourite indian outfit definitely has to be a lehenga! This lehenga by Pooja and Mannoj is an absolute stunner. For a person who loves pearls and pastels .This is a match made in heaven sort of attire. View fullsize The choli is […]

7 Looks in P&M- Mint and Gold

#7LooksinP&M Well, for today’s look for  P&M designs spells Royal for me with this front slit floor length jacket. which is such an amazing piece to adorn for a classic royal look. What I love the most about this jacket is the colour mint green which is such a perfect pastel delight. View fullsize Can’t […]

My Love Affair with Jewellery

Off lately, the universe has been quite kind to me ,all my posts revolve moreover around accessories and jewellery.Whether it be about attending the events and exhibitions related to jewellery or it be about wearing gorgeous neckpieces.Can’t complain because life has truly been awesome.More grateful then you can even imagine:P As the name suggests this […]

Make a Story with OPA Accessories!

The best form of art is the the one you can wear ! I totally believe and live by this statement.There are a million ways of exhibiting art and why not do it through jewellery. OPA Signature Accessories totally believes in converting jewellery into art, and every creation has a story! I mean look at […]


View fullsize A girl looks her prettiest best when she adorns an Indian attire,well i totally believe this. This week i wanted to go all out and try something new and different.Indian but with a twist. So here it is Sugandh, a brand that totally manages to bring together a perfect amalgamation of indian prints […]

Bringing back the 90’s !

We loved a bit of a flesh flash in the 90s, didn’t we? If we weren’t baring our tummies in a crop top,  or we were giving everyone the cold shoulder with a cheeky cut-out. Or being edgy and grungy with those black chokers. Hell yeah !,being a 90s kid, the revival of the 90s […]


View fullsize COLD SHOULDER VIBES!!! With summers around the corner, the trend of cold shoulder tops from the ’90s is making a comeback. From off-the-­shoulder tops to shoulder cut-outs to asymmetrical necklines, these tops can look sexy without ­revealing too much skin.  Subtly sexy, but never too revealing, a full-on off-the-shoulder top will make everyone around […]


Getting dressed during the dog days of summer,can be quite a task. Between the heat and the desire to do a whole lot of nothing, fashion can often take a back seat from June to August. There is absolutely nothing more exicting then wearing an outfit that uplifts your mood instantly. Well, this WIERD BOSS […]

Casual vibes!!!

Casual vibes be the best vibes:D For me, a causal look should combine comfort plus fashion. Culottes are a major fashion trend this season.These wide legged pants are perfect to beat the summer Stylish yet comfortable. View fullsize From street style stars to A-listers, everyone seems to have jumped aboard the culottes train, making them […]