July 28, 2016

A girl looks her prettiest best when she adorns an Indian attire,well i totally believe this.

This week i wanted to go all out and try something new and different.Indian but with a twist.

So here it is Sugandh, a brand that totally manages to bring together a perfect amalgamation of indian prints with western cuts. Sugandh is a brand that focuses on creativity and uncomplicated designs which are well reflected in their creations. This brand is based on the idea that believes in providing sober, comfortable yet trendy designs.

I am already in love with the designs of this incredible young designer sugandh .

So lets get started!!!!

Generally wearing Indian becomes a hassle for me, but Sugandh as a brand totally solves the problem,who knew indian wear could be made so comfortable and easy to move around in. This week sugandh gave me the perfect opportunity to very well dress up and put three looks together.

The first one as you can see involves a raw silk well flared skirt with a floral crop top /choli.This is perfect to wear to a wedding for a day function.If your the sorts who likes to make a statement without being flashy this outfit is definitely your life saver.It’s an absolute winner .Best to wear to a friend’s mehndi function comfortable enough to dance or swirl away with your skirt.

I think what is credible is that Sugandh as a brand believes in keeping things simple yet impactful.Like this floral printed top they added a twist an amazing cutout on the back.details be the most interesting thing in an outfit. 

The second outfit is the best version of a kurti I’ve ever seen .A mix of two prints with the detailing of pink makes this standout As a lover of prints this black and white ikat printed number is a stunner for me..Wore this with the most comfortable black high waisted lowers to go perfectly with the high slits on the kurti.It is like adding a tough of indian into your wardrobe in such a subtle way. 

Last ,but not the least involves my favourite -this pink bandani printed kurti .This one is something that you should definitely keep in your wardrobe for all the right reasons.

To style this is amazing either wear it with a pair of well fitted denims.So your still in touch with your western side.or you could do what i did,borrowed my mums white palazzos and wore them with this absolute favourite Kurti..

If you wanna go all out with the indian touch then adda dupatta to the look .there is so much you can do with this one kurti.Must buy from their website along with the other ohhh so amazing and beautiful pieces available on their website..www.sugandh .com  


 Let’s end this beautiful day on the a quote by Sugandh the designer of these amazing outfits, she believes in and definitely lives by these beautiful lines-“It is great to love what you do; but it is awesome to do what you love”