Bringing back the 90’s !

June 27, 2016

We loved a bit of a flesh flash in the 90s, didn’t we? If we weren’t baring our tummies in a crop top,  or we were giving everyone the cold shoulder with a cheeky cut-out. Or being edgy and grungy with those black chokers.

Hell yeah !,being a 90s kid, the revival of the 90s is super fun.

Berry lips, choker necklaces , bell sleeves, cut outs tops,off shoulder tops,crop tops, cross stitched necklines.Everything that your currently seeing around are all epic trends from the 90s ..And well the revival of these trends definitely puts it forward that we just can’t get enough of these.

I put together this look that completely draws inspiration from the classic 90s trends.

This white off shoulder top is a classic which i bought recently.The detailing is to die for whether it is the bell sleeves, off shoulder neckline or the bow tie up on the waist. this is hat made me absolutely fall in love with this top and all the fashion quotient it holds on too..

The top is so stylish and does all the talking so decided to wear this with my skinny denims.

And the highlight off course is the crazy catching trend of the 90s the chokers,the classic black choker which with a crystal embellishment .

This week i absolutely enjoyed myself putting together this look .Do try reviving the classic old trends by adding your own very twist to them !!! Classic trends never seem to disappoint us and they never will:)

Top-Grey Fashion company


Choker-Eristone jewellery

Heels- Big C