My Love Affair with Jewellery

August 10, 2016

Off lately, the universe has been quite kind to me ,all my posts revolve moreover around accessories and jewellery.Whether it be about attending the events and exhibitions related to jewellery or it be about wearing gorgeous neckpieces.Can’t complain because life has truly been awesome.More grateful then you can even imagine:P

As the name suggests this post is about my love affair with jewellery.

Let’s talk about jewellery baby!!!Because these pretty baubles surely make a girls best friend!

 This post is all dedicated to my love for jewellery and about my most favourite pieces from my collection. All of theses are pieces you have already seen on my blog.

So lets rush down the memory lane.!

First one is my most favourite piece of statement earrings from outhouse jewellery.

You have seen these in my very first blog post. Hands down theses are the most beautiful pair of statement earrings I own.Add a punch to your ohh so boring wardrobe with these stunners.

Perfect blend of stones, pearls and yeah lots of colour gives you these Sway away earrings by outhouse jewellery.

My second all time favourite includes this statement ring which is a life saviour. Like if I’m in the mood of not wearing any neckpiece or earrings . I always tend to wear this ring .be it in the night when your out for a night out or sometimes in day when you just want to keep it really simple. This ring is literally the cheapest accessory piece .

 I had just picked it from one of the local shops in linking road.

Next one is the ohh so trending,but still going super strong choker trend.Well mine is not the typical black choker but a really classic twist to that. This Gold knot choker from shop lune is perfect to flaunt the choker trend at the same time keep it looking really pretty and classy.

The last  but definitely not the least is the neckpiece I just can’t stop raving about. From my most latest post-hands down has to be the Ritz neckpiece from OPA Accessories. I just can’t get enough of this beauty.You can literally wear this with anything and add and ultimate punch to your look.


Well these are my all time favourite jewellery pieces i have right now.

Jewellery is really important especially when you want to make your outfits stand out even more or in other words enhance your look..

I am an absolute jewellery lover,can’t get my hands off beautiful jewellery pieces.i am always ready to go shopping for new jewellery .

That reminds me of the most latest one stop shop for jewellery exhibition that is coming up on 19th to 21st August .

 The Times Glamour 2016 is an amazing curation of  jewellery connoisseurs,collectors,enthusiasts and fanatics.

As they are about to experience the magic of shimmering, precious baubles and ornaments from renowned jewellery houses,top designers and brands.

So if you are as passionate about jewellery as I am .You should totally head to this amazing collaboration of the most beautiful jewellery ever.

For more details have a look at their page-

This is definitely something you should look out for if you are planning on expanding your jewellery collection, not to forget that Times Glamour 2016 is India’s largest jewellery exhibition ever.

I hope you liked this post and are heading to your wardrobe to remove your most favourite jewellery pieces ever.

 Let’s  end this post on a good note as quoted by the Times glamour themselves-

“No one’s born glamorous,Glamour comes from what we do”.