Fashion Date with FLYROBE !!!

I couldn’t  have imagined this Saturday to be more glamorous. This sequin star dress from FLYROBE totally rocks my Saturday vibe. This dual coloured dress combining the hues of green and blue, totally made my Saturday night a hit 😀 The black stars totally make this dress look even more fun and edgy at the same time. Love […]

My Love Affair with Jewellery

Off lately, the universe has been quite kind to me ,all my posts revolve moreover around accessories and jewellery.Whether it be about attending the events and exhibitions related to jewellery or it be about wearing gorgeous neckpieces.Can’t complain because life has truly been awesome.More grateful then you can even imagine:P As the name suggests this […]

TBG Unveiled !!!

 A little bit of this and that, this video brings out the essence of what The Bandra Girl is all about! DIY looks, candid shots, beautiful locales and a hell lot of fun, to sum it all up !!!   A sneak peak of all that is in store for you, this video will take you […]