Fashion Date with FLYROBE !!!

September 23, 2016

I couldn’t  have imagined this Saturday to be more glamorous. This sequin star dress from FLYROBE totally rocks my Saturday vibe.

This dual coloured dress combining the hues of green and blue, totally made my Saturday night a hit 😀 The black stars totally make this dress look even more fun and edgy at the same time. Love sequin dresses as long they are not flashy.This one just fits in my love zone pretty well:D

Incase you don’t know about flyrobe , then check out to know how amazing this online portal is .

We all have those extremely hectic days, when you have to go and shop for an sudden event or occasion .shop for it and post the event you never end up using it .

Honestly, the concept of flyrobe appeals to me all the more because there are so many times I buy dresses for a specific occasion or event, post the event most of the times I barely even look at the outfit or end up repeating it.

Especially if it is already up on instagram 😛

You know the feeling for sure:(

Have an event to attend or a party to go ..even a sangeet function flyrobe literally can cater to all the occasions with their amazing collection of indian and ethnic wear .

Flyrobe literally takes the concept with rent your fashion to another level.  With outfits that are pretty stylish,trendy and well picked at best prices .Totally a fashion paradise for any fashionista.

I personally don’t know about any websites that offer such services . select an outfit , pick a date a, and delivery time .

Wohoo ! Your fashion delight reaches at your door step in a short span of time.

Good quality, Great service and variety of designs -just few good things about Flyrobe.

PS- I wish it would be easy to pick a date as it is to pick your outfit with Flyrobe:P

Happy weekend lovely people 😀

Keep that Glitter on:)