Your Style Peddler!!!

  Some choose the well-worn path. Others take the road less travelled and then there are Hooligans the ones who make their own way. Hooligan is for such free spirits; the ones who follow their calling be it love, life or style.  Well, this pretty much describes my idea of life. If your free spirited […]

Fashion Date with FLYROBE !!!

I couldn’t  have imagined this Saturday to be more glamorous. This sequin star dress from FLYROBE totally rocks my Saturday vibe. This dual coloured dress combining the hues of green and blue, totally made my Saturday night a hit 😀 The black stars totally make this dress look even more fun and edgy at the same time. Love […]

7 Looks in P&M- Lacey Affair

#7LooksinP&M As we always say last but not the least , this quote is so apt for this outfit ..   The perfect crop top choli with a dramatic skirt look . Couldn’t ask for a better ensemble to invite weekend and end the week with a bang!!!  By now you know that pastel colors […]