Your Style Peddler!!!

October 3, 2016


Some choose the well-worn path. Others take the road less travelled and then there are Hooligans the ones who make their own way. Hooligan is for such free spirits; the ones who follow their calling be it love, life or style.

 Well, this pretty much describes my idea of life. If your free spirited you would agree that you prefer to stand out then just fit in the regular style standards.

When it comes to a trend that is always eye catching , we can never ignore the calling of Bohemian vibes.For the longest time ever , shopping for bohemian accesories has been a task. 

Bohemian clothes , accessories are not only trendy but also eye catching , with a sense of freedom and comfort. My search for the ultimate bohemian essentials, ethnic accessories, vintage jewelry, exotic boots and much more ended in this one stop destination called Hooligan.

From bohemian bags, to boots and off course their amazing variety of jewellery is such a delight to shop for.

The biggest perk of shopping from hooligan .com, is the fact that this online website brings you an amazing collection of products curated by a well known Fashion stylist Nazia Mirza herself. Since years,  Nazia has been dressing up celebrities for advertisements, shows and so on .

Every product is handpicked by this wonderful stylist herself .

Accessories,especially the bags are the perfect burst of colour, that you definitely need to style even the most boring simple outfit.

Moreover these products are priced well and of good quality .hooligan can rightly be called our Style Peddler:D


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