Prints that pop!!!

April 25, 2016

Mondays are harsh just like summer.It takes too much effort to do anything even write a post 😛 Anyways as monday demands, lets keep it simple and fun to break the Monday blues.

They say the best way to beat the soaring temperatures is to have some ice-cream.Ideally it is..who doesn’t mind sitting with a tub of Ice-cream during summers, especially on a Monday 😛          

So why not add a little pop of Ice cream to your wardrobe also,best way to beat summer!!!

My absolute favourite is this Ice Cream print playsuit.This playsuit is super fun and literally the best way to beat the harsh summer.Totally justified in calling it the fun house playsuit!

The ice blue colour of the playsuit with small prints of Ice Cream cones and yes there is some candy lolly pop as well:) A delight to eat and off course a delight to wear.

The one I am wearing is a playsuit, but there is also a maxi dress available in the same print. For all those who want to keep the length and still add fun to your wardrobe:)

Best way to add fun and style to your look for the day without much effort, totally hassle free and casual .


After all who doesn’t like Ice Cream ? Go get your Fun House Print Playsuit or Maxi dress..grab it soon:P Wear this playful pick with sneakers and a backpack to quirk up your off -duty styling.  

Ice Cream Print Playsuit-Spring break (Koovs)

Shoes-Forever 21