A tassel Affair!!!

April 20, 2016

One thing I’ve noticed this summer:-

Tassels are quite literally hanging almost everywhere we look, from bags, shoes and jewellery to clothes. 

You can see them everywhere, in every iteration from metals and beads to leather and string-on bags and belts, jewelry and keychains, even shoes.

I am talking, of course, about tassels-cute, colorful, fringy tassels. They’re super easy to incorporate into your wardrobe. And come on who couldn’t use a little more of tassel in their lives? The key to this trend though is moderation-think shoes, jewelry or a handbag, instead of all of them.

My absolute favourite tassel piece is my jacket from River Island. Ditching the tassel earrings, necklaces i would any day opt for this jacket.

You can pair this jacket up a couple of ways ,either with a basic white dress and throw this jacket over to add he much needed drama.

Well i wore my powder pink pants with a white tank top and used this jacket too add that extra sparkle over a plain basic outfit! 

I totally crush over this jacket and its definitely a piece I use whenever i want a little drama without going overboard.A super way of completing the boho look .The key is to always keep it simple and classy.

Well this jacket from River Island has the perfect balance of colour, fun and simplicity.This black and white printed jacket has detailing of sequins and pink Tassels. The powder pink tassels are absolutely adorable and classic. For me this jacket is a total winner!!!

Tank top – Mango

Jacket – River Island

Pants – Forever 21

Shoes – Forever 21