May 2, 2016


This entire week is all about denims.Seven days , Seven looks and yes our denims..lets see all that can be done with denims!

The week starts with a bang , moreover Mondays always spell out the word Rebel for me.After the weekend fun ends, when Monday strikes it like a doom 🙁

Monday blues are common and everyone seems super grumpy about Monday.

Well, i decided to go all grunge with monday look.!!! As you can see the grey top as basic as it can be, with the ripped jeans. These are my favourite because the fit is superb . I am totally in love with the ripped look. Must say its ripped to a level where soon it might completely rip off or tear 😛 but that always happens with ripped jeans..

For accessories, i always like to keep it minimal, and yet make a statement .So I just wore these gold cuff bracelets which are super simple. I completed the look with these blue and white sneakers which are super comfy to wear.

Overall ,Monday doesn’t seem that bad.The look is really simple and effortless maybe you can incorporate it as well. 

Totally looks like a war mode on, to slay the entire week!!!

So lets start the week on this note, be strong and get through the entire week in our denims with different styles, moods and lots of fashion:)


Denims-Forever 21


Accessories-Forever 21