Wonder Woman with

October 11, 2016

Lazy days be the best days !

Ideally Sundays are lazy days , but who said you can’t have a lazy day on a weekday .Especially on this bank holiday!

Today has been a pretty much chilled out and relaxing day, being super comfortable in these soft pyjamas from bewakoof .com, along with these super comfortable t-shirt also from bewakoof.

Wonder woman it is! I’m a true lover of comic book characters , and this wonder woman t-shirt and pyjamas are love at first for me.

What I love the most about these pyjamas is the quality.

They are super soft and well fitted not like those typical misfitted baggy pyjamas.

Bewakoof .com a totally well put together pyjamas collection ..So many options and prints to choose from. an ultimate delight to wear.

Check out their pyjama collection-

So is the case with this T-shirt, which I picked out separately.

Love the fact that even after a couple of washes , the print density fade. Looks new even now .these t-shirts are best to wear while sleeping or you could even wear them with a pair of jeans and still look trendy!

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Definitely have a look at their wonder products while I enjoy my Wonder woman outfit.