7 Looks in P&M-Blue undertones

September 12, 2016


This look has just made me super happy , because who doesn’t like wearing a princessy gown, Monday is definitaly done right.

Gloomy Mondays? Nah!!! not for me, not with this piece of art.

Perfect Fabric, Shaded colours, Perfect flow, Minimalist embroidery. Everything to make a good outfit stand out and make magic happen.

The pictures can show you how beautiful this outfit looks.The color tone of this outfit is what an eye-catcher for me.

This gown looks like a couture outfit itself, so if you like to have a little drama in your closet this one is apt.

The minimalist , simple gold embroidery to just add a little tough of festive to the outfit is a major winner.

If you want to shine out in a party or be it your very own sangeet function, this outfit is gonna get you many followers for sure. also cause P&M-Pooja and Mannoj are pret-a-couture designers , you can always customise your designs like add a little more embroidery or embellishment as per your taste.