7 looks in P&M -Peachy Love!

September 11, 2016


Honestly, this look is my absolute favourite because i have always wanted to wear a saree or even a drape saree gown for all my life.But with the super clumsy person i am , I was always afraid that either the saree would open up or i would trip and fall and have one of my regular disasters:P

So when this offer to wear a saree drape gown came i jumped on to the wagon to fulfill my dreams:P

Delicate, classy and pretty you name it and this outfit will definitely match up to all these terms.

This peach number with the gold embroidery is such a beauty.Absolutely crushing the small embroidered gold flowers which totally make me happy.

Delicate embroidery is such a treat to your eyes.

If your planning to wear a saree drape gown then this piece will not disappoint you for sure.For a person like me who loves subtle colours and embroidery this is the piece i would buy for sure.