Quirk it up

May 19, 2016


Quirky prints are always an amazing way to add fun to your wardrobe.

I am falling for quirky prints recently as they are an instant mood lifters for me ! quirky prints, colors that pop and a good statement necklace definitely a super way to nail a look this season..

I am currently obsessing over this jacket from Quirk Box. One of the brands that achieve the quirky prints well, is definitely Quirk box.

This is the Love story jacket from quirk box .The jackets print definitely has an amazing storyline to it..detailing is bang on,and  so is the print.

With all the drama of this lovely jacket I decided to have some pop of colour and hell yeah what colour is better than pink…so wore this basic pink dress that very well compliments the jacket..

Well the neckpiece ,yeah its a statement neckpiece.It definitely has the bohemian feel to it.Had to use it because I wanted to go all out with this look..overdramatic all the way:)

Do incorporate some quirky prints into your wardrobe. They are super fun and cheerful,definitely will add some playfulness , fun and hell yeah lots of quirkyness:P