May 4, 2016


Today being a Wednesday I thought to keep up to the Mean Girls tradition and wear pink:D Well this look today is a total manifestation of my love for mean girls. because on Wednesdays we wear pink!!!

After the overdose of the Mean girl talk I have served you, let me tell u more about this look.

Today the look is pretty simple with these blue relaxed fit denims which completely compliment the pink colour of the tank top.As a lover of pink,i had to include the colour in one of my looks for the week, what’s even better is I am doing it on a Wednesday:D

For me, its a perfect casual look which i put together, good enough to keep it casual and beat the harsh summer . Honestly i did not want to accessorise much , so i just wore this floral printed scarf to incorporate a little dash of print into the look.Super comfy and  casual, this is how wednesday looks like to me.

Ditching the heels and sneakers I’ve opted for these tanned coloured flats.. again these are comfortable, casual and compliment the entire look well:)


Denims- Forever 21

Scarf- Hill road